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What To Do BEFORE You Sell or Rent Out Your Property


Folks…you want to sell or rent out your precious property. But it’s not going to help if your property looks like a dump or a tornado just swept through it. Let me share with you guys some tips on what to do before you ask the agent to bring over the prospects… Of course I was just like you until I realised the power of STAGING!


Hey Dad…wanna rescue us?

1. Cut the grass (get the Bangladeshi guy to cut the grass, remove all old pots handed over from your loving relatives. No.. don’t remove it…throw it away).

Time to paint the house honey…

2. Paint the essential parts of the property like the front part, the main door, gates. Bright colours for the walls please unless your property is in the running for the most revolutionary design award. If the inside of the house is in need of a paint job…then it’s advisable to get it done…it’ll cost you but definitely worth it. Your house gets off the market fast and probably at a good price on top of it.

Where’s the floss when you need it?

3. Everything else is basically a spring cleaning exercise…it’s a good time to get rid of old useless stuff that has been cluttering the house. You must give an impression the house is spacious and this is achievable by having only essential stuff in the property. If you’re unable to discard stuff that have been in your cupboard for the past 10 years then you’re officially a hoarder…get help from Oprah.

It’s business time

4. Now my favourite part…bathrooms. For heavens sake make sure the bathrooms and toilets are dry when the agent comes visiting with the client. I cant remember how many times I had to step into a wet bathroom with my socks on…yeech! And there is nothing precious to discover in the toilet bowl…so keep the toilet seat cover down! No wet towels, toothbrushes in the sink (seriously?) and please fix all leaking pipes.

Honey, dinner is ready…

5. The kitchen… even the simplest looking kitchen can look presentable. Please make sure there are no dishes in the sink. The stove must look clean and hygienic. Kitchens must be well lit and not look like a dungeon where the next dish to be cooked is probably the agent and his client.

Awww…so cute

6. If you have pets and you love them to bits then you must remember the most important rule…not everybody shares your sentiments. So houses with dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas, crocodiles, snakes, cows must not smell like the pets. When the prospects come, keep your pets on a leash, in a kennel or just hide them. Otherwise it’s a turn off. Once the prospect is distracted then it’s a no go for your house.

Well that’s all I can think of right now. I may come up with a Part 2. Stay tuned folks. Feel free to like, share or comment…thank you!